Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Smile 4 You In The Media

Smile 4 You have received a lot of praise and recognition from the media over the last 10 months since the launch of the renowned teeth whitening kit and eagerly awaited arrival in the UK. It is so well respected and multimillion selling in the USA.  It is even used by cosmetic dentists themselves, so for that reason alone people are clamouring to buy Smile 4 You.

The patented formula known as ‘Dr George’s Dental White’ has quite literally taken the world by storm. The American teeth whitening kits have been featured on many TV shows around the globe, including ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, Channel 5’s ‘The Diet Show’ and ITV’s ‘This Morning’ to name just a few.

The revolutionary tooth whitener has also been reviewed and comes highly recommended in national newspapers and magazines. The Daily Mail recently ran a feature and rated ‘Dr George’s DentalWhite’s effectiveness 7/10 adding that ‘it will definitely whiten teeth more than the others’.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, even celebrities, instead of resorting to surgical whitening treatments are instead using Smile 4 You to boost their smiles. Ross Lee, presenter of the hit children’s show “The Ghoulies” on the Nickelodeon channel was so self conscious of his yellow teeth he turned to Smile 4 You for help and since using their amazing teeth whitening kit, he has never looked back and now has teeth he can be proud to show off on the screen. There is no wonder why everybody wants to get their hands on this clinically proven product.

The very informative official Smile 4 You website also shows more testimonials and success stories from thousands of happy and satisfied customers just to add weight to the claim of how effective the kits truly are. As well as being fantastic value for money and famous for its simplicity of use it is quite possibly the besthome teeth whitening kit available in the UK for its results are astonishing and you can achieve that movie star smile in the privacy and the comfort of your home.

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