Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teeth Whitening is the only one for me.

I have always desired white teeth. With my very hectic schedule I could not have had time to visit the doctor and get an in-office dental procedure. Plus, I could not have afforded such high costs for teeth whitening. I do not really like going to the dentists and I know that it is bad but I always brush my teeth and gargle to make sure that my mouth and teeth are always safe and protected. But the problem is no matter how often I brush and scrub my teeth I never get the whiteness and brightness that I desire. 

Then, I got introduced to the wonders and hype of teeth whiteners, as well as good ones and bad ones. 

When I started my journey on teeth whitening products I was first hesitant. I do not want moulds of my teeth with acids for hours. My teeth are sensitive so I needed something that is not too harsh but effective at the same time. I tried using teeth strips as well as whitening toothpastes, I would alternate my use, and I would even use them one after another to get the maximum results but Alas! I still could not get the perfect whiteness formy teeth.

I tried other kinds of products and over the counter and even natural whitening products but they seem to take too long with very little results. I do not know if there was any kind of teeth whitener that could address my needs for perfectly white teeth in the fastest results ever. I could have given up until I stumbled upon Smile 4 You. Of course, there are a lot of teeth whitening products out there and there are so many reviews about them but with the offerings of Smile 4 You, and their exclusive Dr. George’s Dental Whitening System, I was astounded and surprised with what I have seen over the next couple of weeks- no- the next set of minutes after applying the teeth whitener. 

Knowing myself, I can’t get past the tons of magazines of artists with perfect teeth but I know they could have been edited to look brighter. I know there is a way to really get the results I want and with Smile 4 You, I got the results that I need and that I deserve. Smile 4 you provides an amazing teeth whitener above anything else I have tried and to top everything off, the price is really reasonable. I will never find anything like this in the market,

I have used it for 3 months already but I feel like I already have perfect teeth for years. I could not have had these results if it weren’t for Smile 4 You. Now I can totally smile like a star and get the best compliments for my new found confidence and perfectly white teeth.

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