Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recommended Teeth Whitening kit

When you feel that your teeth are not as white as they should be you naturally will feel ashamed to face your friend and your office mates for the fear that they will notice it. White teeth are normally a sign of good hygeine, Therefore there is nothing more discouraging than a stained set of teeth.

Treatments for stained teeth

There are many different ways to whiten your teeth, not all are as effective as the other and some are very expensive. You can use tooth paste to whiten your teeth, the effects of this can take awhile. Many people seek out professional help; this is effective but can cost a great deal of money and requires many treatments to get the shade you desire.

Smile 4 You is a teeth whitening gel that can be used in the comfort of your own home but give you the same results as professional treatment, and at a fraction of the cost.


Smile 4 you have been formulated by an expert in dental care. Normal whitening gels contain hydrogen peroxide and this can result in them being very expensive as you need to do the treatment several times to get the desired result. With Smile 4 You, you only need to apply it once in a simple 5 step plan to get the results you’re after, making it much more cost effective.


Naturally you may have concerns about using many of the teeth whitening products, as you are not sure if they will give you any side effects. The American Food and Drugs Association have approved this teeth whitening gel, giving you the reassurance that it is safe and will not produce any harmful effects on your teeth or gums. 

The FDA have given its approval to the production process and the gel itself and the certificate showing this has been renewed every two years. Smile4 You has had FDA approval now for the past 16 years and the current certificate is available on their website for you to see. It is quite possible that this is the first time you are going to use a home teeth whitener approved by the FDA.    

Proof on Results

Smile 4 You has been giving people results for many years now, therefore there are ample amounts of proof that it does work on their website. Available on the website are many user testimonials and you can see the excellent results they have received from this recommended teeth whitener. 

If you have any doubt you can test it yourself as there is a money back guarantee. Using Smile 4 You is not time consuming like other methods. Results will come in just 30 minutes of application although you will need to keep the gel on for the required time. When you leave the medication for the recommended time you will end up with nice whitened teeth.

Costs Compared To Professional Treatments

Smile 4 You is a fraction of the cost compared to the price of professional treatment, even though you are getting the same results. It is even cheaper and more cost effective than many of the other whitening gels. This is because Smile 4 You does only need to be applied once, where as others need several applications.
As we are subject to many things that can stain our teeth such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea or wine then you will want to continue using a produce to whiten your teeth. In this situation Smile 4 You is perfect as it does have a shelf life of 2 years; given you the desired results again and again!

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